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    He is Risen!

          I hope and pray you’ll be an April Fool for Christ 24/7, 365 & 1/4 Days a Year! PLEASE, continue reading and praying through The Word with us this April 2018:  Psalms 38-55; Proverbs 8:12-11:1-23; Deuteronomy 21-34; Joshua 1-24; Luke 22-24; John 1-18 & Judges 1-19.  Needless to say, but you know I’m going to say it anyway, we’ll be reading out of the Jewish Hymnal, growing in Wisdom, going through the second giving of the law, which got them into the promised land, God’s telling us all to ‘be strong and courageous,’ while others are still doing what’s right in their own eyes, Jesus gives us the Great Commission, but not without the promise of the Father, His Holy Spirit & His Blessing (Psalm 133/Deuteronomy 6) & we continue to flesh out The Word and hear that the great I AM ‘Is Willing!’
          Resurrection Sunday, The Feast Of First Fruits kicks us off this month on Sunday, April 1, with Easter Monday, celebrated in Canada on April 2, Tax Day on the 15th, so render unto Caesar the things that are his and unto God, the things that are His!  Administrative Professionals’ Day is Wednesday, April 25.  Remember that administration is a gift of the Holy Spirit, according to Romans 12 & 1 Corinthians 12, so let’s pray that every gift, talent and ability, within the Body of Christ comes forth, so we can all come into the fullness of God – Spring Up O Well Within My Soul, Spring Up O Well & Make Me WHOLE, Spring Up O Well & Give To Me That LIFE ABUNDANTLY!
          I trust that everyone receiving this email or reading this over the internet will pray daily for God to have His Way in New Mexico, across America & Around the WORLD! Should you or someone you know plan to have an event in your area, don’t hesitate to contact me + continue to invite others to join us here at NM Prayer Connect.
    Mark Tross
    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator

    November 2017


    Shalom to ALL

    With All Saints Day and All Souls Day behind us and our clocks turned back, as Daylight Savings Ends, let us move forward into November, where we celebrate Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Native American Heritage Day.  Pray a special blessing upon all our veterans, who served their country well and allow us to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    Did you know that the first Thanksgiving in America and all that have followed since are based on a biblical feast day? May we continue to honor God with the first fruits of our labor and let the words of our lips and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing unto Him.  As we gather with friends and family around our holiday table, say a special prayer for those who are less fortunate.

    New Mexico has more Native American Tribes than any other state in our union, all with a rich heritage worth finding out more about.  May we all honor our diverse cultures and work toward true unity in our communities.

    As we fall back and regroup for the remainder of 2017 and look forward to what God would have us do come 2018, I ask that you seek after His Vision, Passion, Power and Prayer.  If you would like to hold an event in your area of our state or the surrounding region, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    May The Lord Continue to Bless You This Month,

    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator

    Blessings to ALL,

    October brings us into the last quarter of 2017, so get ready to turn your clocks back this month.  It’s been a wonderful year of unity within the body of Christ, equipping the saints for service in the kingdom of God and fulfilling the great commission, to go into ALL the world and preach the good news of our living Savior!

    God’s biblical feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot or Booths runs through a full week this month and let me encourage you to be ready for this wrapping up of the fall feasts (the final harvest), as the Revelation of Jesus Christ & Zechariah (God Remembers) tells us that we will be celebration this one throughout eternity! The worlds largest Balloon Fiesta comes to Albuquerque, NM, from the first to second weekend, Columbus Day and of course Halloween, but some of you would say, I digress.  This year on October 31 we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, so let us fall back and regroup, find the ancient paths that led us to the present and God’s Way that will lead us into the future, working together towards true transformation, through prayer and obedience to God’s Word, Will & Way!

    Allow me to ask each and every one of you to not only read about revival, but live, move and have your being in it, as the leaves transform, so we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds, for as a man, woman or child thinks, so are they.  Let us not only talk the things of God, but walk them out day to day, moment by moment, not by our own might or power, but by His Holy Spirit, leading and guiding us into ALL Truth and understanding!

    If you would like to host a prayer event in your area of the state or know someone who would, don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator

    Get Ready for THE FALL HARVEST 

    MUCHO is happening throughout NM, nationally and internationally! ALL of Heaven REJOICES when just 1 sinner repents, so let’s be like Jesus, Seek & Save the lost! I had a WONDERFUL time with Pastor Jim Montoya & others @ the Cowboy (and girl) Camp Meeting, that took place north of Cuba, just outside of Regina, NM last month.  ALL of the Four Corners area was represented and even people from NJ & NC attended.  We were blessed to connect once again with Grover, who heads up ‘Christian Body.Net’ (VISIT their website below), who we haven’t seen, since NM Prayer Connect coordinated a prayer event with them in Roswell, two years ago.

    We were all saddened by the shooting that took place in Clovis, but let us never forget that the enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy, so we must seek The Lord, while He may be found and shine our light throughout NM, so the darkness must flee! The Good News is that NM has been declared, ‘officially out of our drought’, so the spiritual reality of our prayers and actions are manifesting in our land.  Please, don’t forget to pray for our friends to the south, TX & LA, who were badly damaged by Harvey, plus the storm predicted to hit FL and other east coast states.  Remember, when the enemy comes in…  Like a Flood The Spirit Of The Lord Will Set Up His Standard, His Banner Over us, which Is LOVE!

    September is jam packed with events, starting on the second in T or C, open prayer calls, a NM Prays event in ABQ, Pastor Dewey Moede will be in Edgewood, Apostle Barbara Gould, Skatefest (both in Rio Rancho) & for ALL Students, Global Week of Prayer runs from Sept.  24-30, with See You @ The Pole happening on Wednesday the twenty-seventh, so visit all of the links below, cover these events in prayer & help spread The Word, so attendance will make a BIG impact on these communities throughout our state.  If you would like to hold a prayer event in your region, contact me.


    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator

    New Mexico Prayer Connect

    As the former NDP NM State Coordinator and present NM Prayer Connect Coordinator, I am encouraged by the natural and spiritual growth I’ve seen throughout the state.


    May 3, 2017
    Blessings to ALL The Faithful in NM,
                      After coming down off Mystery Mountain yesterday in Los Lunas, NM and seeing once again the 10 Commandments Rock + the star map (a partial eclipse stone dating back to 107 BC), it’s always a pleasure to gather together with friends and newly acquainted saints.  April has once again proved to be a month of new beginnings and refreshed hope, which will not disappoint us, as we continue in daily prayer, individually, in groups of two or three and corporately, representing the body of Christ here in our state.   Pastor Richard Mansfield hosted a ministry leaders breakfast with state representatives and local leadership in attendance for prayer and a public display of solidarity, fighting for the rights of unborn children in NM.  Pastor Caleb Cooper has continued his 33 county meetings to bring about a true spiritual awakening and revival to NM & Pastor Brian Alarid will be hosting the National Day of Prayer event in Civic Plaza on Thursday, May 4, 12-1pm in Albuquerque.
                         As the former NDP NM State Coordinator and present NM Prayer Connect Coordinator, I am encouraged by the natural and spiritual growth I’ve seen throughout the state.  In my fourteen years of living in and serving throughout NM, I have never seen the Rio Grande looking so full, which is a sign of God’s living waters coming to our state through concerted efforts of prayer, from the grass roots level to the ministry leadership positions and God has been faithful in bringing powerful prophetic speakers into NM, so we must continue to move forward in obedience to His Word, in order to fulfill our destiny for America and to the uttermost parts of the world!
                       I love NM and don’t believe there’s anyplace better to live, if you want to be in the center of God’s precious promises to gather all that are scattered, among all nations, peoples, tribes & tongues and for Him to surely prove that where sin abounds, His Grace abounds! This May, let us blossom and bloom in the desert places, let your light so shine in the darkness, so that the essence of Christ is ever present wherever you go and whatever you do, do it, as unto the Lord!
                       Visit the National Day of Prayer website for events throughout our state and nation on the first Thursday of May and encourage everyone you know, everywhere to participate.  If you or someone you know would like to hold a prayer event in their area of New Mexico, feel free to contact me.  Covenant with the Lord & honor His Presence! Repent for the shedding of innocent blood, both past & present.  Tear down your altars of witchcraft (disobedience & drugs) + cease communicating with the dead.  May the Lord continue to lead and guide you in His Perfect & Acceptable Word, Will & Way!
    Mark Tross


    Arise My Love, The Winter Is Gone!

    As we enter into this first full month of Spring 2017, may we all agree & pray, Spring up oh well, within my soul, Spring up oh well & make us whole! Unity always brings God’s richest blessings to His Bride, His Vineyard and heals The Land, so let us believe for God’s best, because ALL Good things come down from God, Our Father, out of heaven (the heavenlies)! There’s no shadow of darkness in Him, so let us walk in The Light that has been given to us.  Forget the former things and catch God’s dreams and visions, for the future! Petition Him to open the eyes of our hearts and allow us to see wonderful things in His Word (Yeshua/Jesus/Salvation).  His Word Is Spirit & Life + He came, so that we might have This Life and have It More Abundantly! Our Father wants to not only Reign in Heaven, but on Earth, so He will send the former and the latter rains, to heal the land, if His People will humble themselves and pray, ask.  Ask, Seek & Knock, Jesus says, so MAY we be found faithful in doing so, because we are called to be doers of The Word and NOT just hearers of It.  This April 1, May we all be ‘fools for Christ,’ on the 14th, have a Good Friday and a Blessed Resurrection Sunday on the 16th!

    Most by now should be very much aware of the 24/7 prayer throughout our state, because of New Mexico Prays and the passion of Pastor Caleb Cooper from Truth or Consequences, who is working diligently to bring revival to all 33 counties.  Should you or someone you know want to hold a prayer event in your area, don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator
    Take a look at the testimonies from just some different locations that were a part of the 2016 New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay We hope these stories inspire others …

    Blessings to All The Saints of New Mexico,

    It was a blessing in January seeing people from our email list plus those on Facebook and other social media sites, who connected with us for the ‘An Appeal To Heaven Tour,’ with Rick Curry from Kentucky, who also spoke at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.  Pastor Caleb Cooper of Truth or Consequences’ New Hope Revival Church moved in obedience to initiate these meetings up the ‘Royal Road’ or the ‘Kings’ Highway,’ from Las Cruses to Radium Springs, T or C, Socorro, two churches in Albuquerque and onto Santa Fe (he’s hoping to get all 33 counties involved in prayer and action)! If you missed any of these events, Rick Curry, who served on the Sentinel Board, which produces the Transformation DVD series that documents revivals around the world and his church in KY was instrumental in the ‘Appalachian Dawn’ revival, which broke out in Manchester several years ago, so don’t miss when he returns to NM in March.

    Also in January, Pastors Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church and Brian Alarid of Passion Church (both in ABQ) launched New Mexico Prays, with 210 ministry leaders in attendance, which will cover our state in 24/7 prayer, so if you’re not already connected, visit follow them @twitter plus like & share their Facebook page today and tell everyone you know in New Mexico to get involved, so God can have His Way!

    February of course is the month of Love, with Ash Wednesday, when believers around the world begin to repent, fast and pray (for 40 days, leading up to Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday/Passover), Valentine’s Day (Google Saint Valentine and learn the founding principles of this special holiday) and Washington’s Birthday/President’s Day.  George Washington, as our first President, issued our very first National Day Of Prayer here in America (I hope you’re all getting ready for NDP on the first Thursday of May).

    Needless to say, God is doing great and mighty things in our midst, so don’t stop praying, but make an added effort to flesh out your prayers.  We’re breaking up the fallowed ground and planting good seed, so as God continues to heal our land, expect a great harvest of souls, which will make all of heaven rejoice! As we head toward Spring, let’s set our eyes upon Jesus, The Author & Finisher Of Our Faith, because we hit the ground running in 2017, so let’s plan events throughout our state, north, east, south, west, in the high places and the low, along the highways and byways, in small communities and large cities, because God’s on the move and we want to be obedient to the gift and call He has placed in each one of us.  Contact me if you would like to do an event in your area and tell everyone you know about New Mexico Prayer Connect!


    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator
    Take a look at the testimonies from just some different locations that were a part of the 2016 New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay We hope these stories inspire others …

    Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text


    Take a look at the testimonies from just some different locations that were a part of the 2016 New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay We hope these stories inspire others …

    The evangelical Christian community in America voted by an overwhelming margin of 81% to 16% , according to exit polling, to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. In the aftermath […]

    Happy New Year 2017!

                As the Eight Days of Hanukkah (John 10:22) & Twelve Days of Christmas usher us into the New Year 2017, I believe God has great & mighty things in store for New Mexico, should The Saints Arise in Obedience and Action, For Such A Time As This! He’s doing a New Thing in Our Day and has Promised, ‘Ask (Pray) Of (to) Me & I Will Show You!’


                All of the links and information above must get out and into the hands of the people in our state and beyond and like the upper room at Pentecost in Acts 2, in fulfillment of Joel 2, We Must Show Up to Act upon what The Spirit Of The Lord is Calling us to Go & Do, because Faith without Works is DEAD! Pastors Caleb Cooper of Truth or Consequences, Brian Alarid & Richard Mansfield of Albuquerque and others around our state are bringing Unity To The Body Of Christ THROUGHOUT New Mexico and after the largest turnout of Evangelicals EVER in a Presidential Election here in America, I believe The Church is Awakening to The Works God has prepared us for.  We MUST discern the times in which we are living and the Open Door God has provided for us to take advantage of EVERY opportunity He brings our Way, By His Grace! NEVER lose sight of The Great Commission, cause ALL of Heaven Rejoices when just ONE sinner Repents.  God wishes that NONE would perish, so let us agree to do whatever it take to get The Word out, that no one is left behind.


                Ministry Leaders and EVERY Member of The Body of Christ has an opportunity to come together, as One In Him (John 17), not by our own might or power, but by the leadership and guidance of His Holy Spirit, so we can ALL come into the FULLNESS of God, according to His Ephesians 4 model for The Church Today! We are surrounded by such a Great Cloud Of Witnessness, who according to Hebrews 11 are incomplete without us.  This year is the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation, so let us rededicate ourselves to God, Pray for Renewal and catch a New Vision to usher in The Second Coming Of Christ!


                 Let each and every one of us commit to prayer and action in 2017! Lay your party politics, manmade rules and regulations aside and live in obedience to His Holy Word.


    Sunday, January 1, 2017 is New Year’s Day and Hanukkah Ends.
    Russian Orthodox Christmas begins on Saturday, January 7.
    Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 16.
    Inauguration Day is Friday, January 20.


    PLEASE Pray for ALL of the Above mentioned Events, ATTEND, Get Connected & Involved when and where you can throughout New Mexico, Pass this information along to everyone you know in our state and those who will pray beyond + Encourage others to Visit our website @   Continue to press through in prayer and obedience on the four topics given to our state:


    1) Covenant with The Lord & Honor His Presence.
    2) Repent for the shedding of innocent blood, past and present.
    3) Tear down your altars of witchcraft.
    4) Cease communicating with the dead.


    I’m writing this monthly update to you on December 26, which in 1776 was the day George Washington, after Crossing the Deleware River on Christmas Night from PA, attacked Trenton, NJ (my home state) and secured our liberty with just 2,000 troops in the Continental Army, against the then super world power of England.  He attributed our Victory to The Providence Of God! Wherever two or three are gathered In His Name, God’s Presence Is Manifest, so face your destiny this year and obtain The Victory we have In JESUS’ Name! May The Lord continue to lead and guide you, as you seek after Him in 2017, for Our Redemption Is Closer Now Than When We First Believed.  Happy New Year 2017!


    Mark Tross
    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator
    It’s time for The Church to fall back (on their knees) and regroup (in Prayer and Biblical Agreement for God’s Kingdom [His Righteousness, Peace & Joy In The Holy …

    New Mexico Prayer Connect: November 2016 – Mark Tross



                                                                                                       October 31, 2016

       Hoping all is well with your soul!
       Daylight Saving Ends, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day & Advent Begins in November.
       It’s time for The Church to fall back (on their knees) and regroup (in Prayer and Biblical Agreement for God’s Kingdom [His Righteousness, Peace & Joy In The Holy Ghost/Spirit] to Come & His Will To Be Done On Earth, as It Is In Heaven)! Faith without works is dead and without Faith, it is Impossible to Please GOD.
       PRAY before you VOTE! Are you going to make the right decisions (before God & man) and take a stand for LIFE in NM & throughout the land? The Supreme Court is up for grabs, so we need to petition Heaven and elect all (up and down the ballot) who will swear to not only uphold the Constitution of The United States of America, but also the Constitution of The State of New Mexico! If the people you’re considering voting for have not upheld the laws of our land, don’t vote for them.  Whatever the results of November 8, we are ALL called to pray for those in authority and be obedient to Him Who Sits On The Throne Of Heaven!
                                                        Remember the 7 points of prayer:
                   Government, Media, Education, Church, Family, Military & Economy.
               THANKS to ALL of our Veterans, who served God and country faithfully!
       May The Spirit Of Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship rise up and may our enemies be scattered, as we move into the latter part of 2016.  As we gather together with family and friends at home or abroad, prepare your heart, mind and soul for the coming celebration of the birth of Christ, Messiah, The Anointed ONE, for as sure as He Came, HE Is Coming Again SOON!
    Mark Tross
    Coordinator for New Mexico Prayer Connect

    Happy New Year!

    Rosh HaShanah begins Sun., Oct. 2 @ sundown, ushering in the Jewish New Year & Feast of Trumpets on Mon., Oct. 3. Pray for God to bring all of New Mexico to repentance and the regathering of us all unto Him, as we work toward a true spiritual awakening and revival in our state. May we all covenant with The Lord and Honor His Presence!

    Columbus Day is Mon., Oct. 10. At the time he ‘supposedly’ discovered America, the original population of natives was 300,000 and just fourteen years later, there would only be 20,000 left (The Light & The Glory by Peter Marshall & David Manuel). Pray for the healing and restoration of our Native American brothers and sisters, plus repent for the shedding of innocent blood, past and present.

    Yom Kippur begins sundown on Tuesday, Oct. 11, which starts the Day of Atonement on Wed., Oct. 12. This is the highest Holy Day on the Jewish Calendar & we should be grateful to Jesus, who is our Atonement! Let us tear down our altars of witchcraft (disobedience) and rebuild The Altar Of God.

    Sukkot Eve is Sunday, Oct. 16, which ushers in the Feast of Tabernacles on Mon., Oct. 17. The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus came to ‘dwell’ or ‘tabernacle’ among us, so Christ In You Is The Hope Of Glory! Sunday, Oct. 23 is the last day of Sukkot & Mon., Oct. 24 is Shemini Atzeret, when Sukkot Ends. Let us pray, ‘Maranatha,’ Come Lord Soon, since He is coming back to dwell (tabernacle) among us forever! May we all cease communicating with the dead and usher in God’s Holy Spirit, which brings Eternal, Everlasting, Abundant, Resurrection LIFE to the great State of NM!

    Finally on Tuesday, October 25, we Rejoice In The Law, Simchat Torah, when Jewish people around the world finish reading the last chapter of Deuteronomy, roll up the scroll and start reading Genesis 1:1, so let us pray for new beginnings, when eyes will be open to see and ears will be open to hear what The Spirit Of The Lord is saying to His People Today. As we enter into the last quarter of 2016, may we take the Love of God and the Good News of Jesus to ALL, so that we may finish well.

    We had a tremendous September throughout New Mexico, with people coming in from Florida to hold a Revival in Albuquerque. I attended other Revival meetings in T or C, Rio Rancho, a wonderful ministers meeting in Albuquerque, with Pastor Poncho Murguia from Juarez, MX, speaking on Unity & Transformation and the Fall Gathering of Churches in Santa Fe was another heart felt event, where Rick Heeren from MN of Transform Our World attended. God is on the move throughout NM, across America & around the world, so don’t be weary in well doing, for breakthrough is coming! If you or someone you know would like to hold a prayer event, don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Mark Tross

    Coordinator for NM Prayer Connect