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    New Mexico Prayer Connect: November 2016 – Mark Tross



                                                                                                       October 31, 2016

       Hoping all is well with your soul!
       Daylight Saving Ends, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day & Advent Begins in November.
       It’s time for The Church to fall back (on their knees) and regroup (in Prayer and Biblical Agreement for God’s Kingdom [His Righteousness, Peace & Joy In The Holy Ghost/Spirit] to Come & His Will To Be Done On Earth, as It Is In Heaven)! Faith without works is dead and without Faith, it is Impossible to Please GOD.
       PRAY before you VOTE! Are you going to make the right decisions (before God & man) and take a stand for LIFE in NM & throughout the land? The Supreme Court is up for grabs, so we need to petition Heaven and elect all (up and down the ballot) who will swear to not only uphold the Constitution of The United States of America, but also the Constitution of The State of New Mexico! If the people you’re considering voting for have not upheld the laws of our land, don’t vote for them.  Whatever the results of November 8, we are ALL called to pray for those in authority and be obedient to Him Who Sits On The Throne Of Heaven!
                                                        Remember the 7 points of prayer:
                   Government, Media, Education, Church, Family, Military & Economy.
               THANKS to ALL of our Veterans, who served God and country faithfully!
       May The Spirit Of Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship rise up and may our enemies be scattered, as we move into the latter part of 2016.  As we gather together with family and friends at home or abroad, prepare your heart, mind and soul for the coming celebration of the birth of Christ, Messiah, The Anointed ONE, for as sure as He Came, HE Is Coming Again SOON!
    Mark Tross
    Coordinator for New Mexico Prayer Connect

    Happy New Year!

    Rosh HaShanah begins Sun., Oct. 2 @ sundown, ushering in the Jewish New Year & Feast of Trumpets on Mon., Oct. 3. Pray for God to bring all of New Mexico to repentance and the regathering of us all unto Him, as we work toward a true spiritual awakening and revival in our state. May we all covenant with The Lord and Honor His Presence!

    Columbus Day is Mon., Oct. 10. At the time he ‘supposedly’ discovered America, the original population of natives was 300,000 and just fourteen years later, there would only be 20,000 left (The Light & The Glory by Peter Marshall & David Manuel). Pray for the healing and restoration of our Native American brothers and sisters, plus repent for the shedding of innocent blood, past and present.

    Yom Kippur begins sundown on Tuesday, Oct. 11, which starts the Day of Atonement on Wed., Oct. 12. This is the highest Holy Day on the Jewish Calendar & we should be grateful to Jesus, who is our Atonement! Let us tear down our altars of witchcraft (disobedience) and rebuild The Altar Of God.

    Sukkot Eve is Sunday, Oct. 16, which ushers in the Feast of Tabernacles on Mon., Oct. 17. The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus came to ‘dwell’ or ‘tabernacle’ among us, so Christ In You Is The Hope Of Glory! Sunday, Oct. 23 is the last day of Sukkot & Mon., Oct. 24 is Shemini Atzeret, when Sukkot Ends. Let us pray, ‘Maranatha,’ Come Lord Soon, since He is coming back to dwell (tabernacle) among us forever! May we all cease communicating with the dead and usher in God’s Holy Spirit, which brings Eternal, Everlasting, Abundant, Resurrection LIFE to the great State of NM!

    Finally on Tuesday, October 25, we Rejoice In The Law, Simchat Torah, when Jewish people around the world finish reading the last chapter of Deuteronomy, roll up the scroll and start reading Genesis 1:1, so let us pray for new beginnings, when eyes will be open to see and ears will be open to hear what The Spirit Of The Lord is saying to His People Today. As we enter into the last quarter of 2016, may we take the Love of God and the Good News of Jesus to ALL, so that we may finish well.

    We had a tremendous September throughout New Mexico, with people coming in from Florida to hold a Revival in Albuquerque. I attended other Revival meetings in T or C, Rio Rancho, a wonderful ministers meeting in Albuquerque, with Pastor Poncho Murguia from Juarez, MX, speaking on Unity & Transformation and the Fall Gathering of Churches in Santa Fe was another heart felt event, where Rick Heeren from MN of Transform Our World attended. God is on the move throughout NM, across America & around the world, so don’t be weary in well doing, for breakthrough is coming! If you or someone you know would like to hold a prayer event, don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Mark Tross

    Coordinator for NM Prayer Connect


    Evangalist David Johnson Revival

    September 9,10 and 11 at 6 pm Friday and 7 pm Saturday and Sunday
    Holiday Inn Airport
    For further info contact or
    Jim Montoya 505/440-9770 or


    Cowboy Camp Meeting September 23-25

    At Leandro and Nancy. Griego’s Gloria a Dios Ranch Regina, NM
    PO Box 852
    Corrales, NM 87048
    Primitive Camping
    RV s no hook ups
    Great praise and worship
    Pastor Jim Montoya -Preaching
    Food donation welcomed

    September Happenings for New Mexico Prayer Connect

    God’s on the move in NM,

    After attending the ‘Tent Revival on Spiritual Awakening’ in Albuquerque, which was held August 25-28 @ Highland Baptist Church, it’s obvious to me that God’s commanding His Blessing on our state, according to Psalm 133.  September is jam packed with events that nobody should miss, so please get this information out to all you know, saint and sinner!

    Pastor Caleb & Erica Cooper are hosting ‘An Appeal to Heaven – New Mexico,’ Sept.  2-4 with Rick Currey in Truth or Consequences.
    New Hope Revival Church is currently in the process of Praying for REVIVAL IN ALL 33 COUNTIES IN NEW MEXICO! Feel Free to Join us on Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm!


    Tue. – Sat., Aug.  30 – Sept.  3:

    WE are in hopes that you will accompany us this week as services with HMM have been extended in the Borrego Pass, NM area. Lets make sure we can bring a…


    Mon., Sept.  5:  Labor Day.

    Thur. – Sun., Sept.  8-11:  Emmanuel Ministries International is hosting a Tent Camp Meeting in Rio Rancho @ Haynes Park on 528 (across from Intel)

    Sat., Sept.  10:  Revive Church @ 800 Polaris Blvd.  SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 is hosting SkateFest 2016

    Sun., Sept.  11:  Grandparents Day.

    Thur. – Sun., Sept.  15-18:  New Life City on Pan Am in ABQ is hosting Steve Swanson.

    Thur., Sept.  22:  Autumn Begins.

    Fri. – Sun., Sept.  23-25:  Pastor Poncho Murguia from Juarez, Mexico will be speaking in Albuquerque (contact Pastor Brian Alarid of Passion Church 5528 Eubank Blvd.  NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 for more info) & Santa Fe.

    Sat., Sept.  24: MARCH FOR JESUS from Broadway & Cromwell to Santa Barbara Martinez Park (7-9AM) on Broadway and Hannett (displaying your ministry name will be allowed).  March will begin promptly @ 10AM (Call Maria 304-9865, Email: for further information).


    Hopefully you’ll be praying about these events and all that God’s doing and wants to do throughout NM + keep us posted, as to things that are happening in your part of the state and pass this information along to others.  If you or someone you know would like to hold a prayer event in your area with NM Prayer Connect, don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Pastor Mark Tross

    Coordinator for NM Prayer Connect
    To the “Prayer Warriors” of the Church of Español Thank You for participating in prayer with us throughout the year of 2015. It was a year of


    Prayer Warriors (2)


    To the “Prayer Warriors” of the Church of Español

         Thank You for participating in prayer with us throughout the year of 2015.   It was a year of

    victory in  the  spiritual  realm.  We have had some awesome prayer sessions.  God is bringing

    the Body of Christ,  His Bride, in unity within New Mexico to intercede for the state.  The last

    prayer session God brought people from Arizona,  Albuquerque and Santa Fe to help us pray for

    the valley and the surrounding Pueblos.


    I  have  been  studying  about  great  moves  of  God  and  revivals  in  general  around  the

    world  and  they  all  start  with  the  saints  gathering  in  prayer  and  the  pulling  down  of

    demonic strongholds.  Many of these strongholds have been established hundreds of years ago

    and some  more  recently.   If we continue in obedience to Chronicles 7:14, God will heal our

    land physically and spiritually.  I believe 2016 is going to be a year of change and the beginning

    of a great move of God but it is also going to be a year of great victorious spiritual battle.


    We  invite  you  to  another  prayer  session  on  Saturday,  February  13,  2016  at  10:00 

    a.m. at  EVHS  water  Tank  Hill.  Bring your weapons of spiritual warfare and let us seek

    God for change in our beautiful valley and state.  May God bless you richly.

    Your Brother in Christ,


    Joe  Gonzales


    II Chronicles  7:14    If  my  people  which  are  called  by  my  name,  shall  humble  themselves  and  pray,  seek  my  face  and  turn  from  their  wicked  ways.   Then  will  I  hear  from  Heaven  and  will  forgive  their  sins  and  will  heal  their  land.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016 to ALL who are part of NM Prayer Connect!

            Thanks to ALL of you for praying faithfully with us in 2015, as members within the body of Christ here in the great state of NM.  God has opened doors throughout our state, bringing unity, opening spiritual eyes and ears to what His Holy Spirit is saying and doing in our midst.  From Roswell to Jemez, Taos, ABQ and beyond, we have been humbled and honored to serve Him with you, but still much work needs to be done, in building relationships across the board, fleshing out The Gospel and taking ground to further His Kingdom.  Already we are working towards Franklin Graham’s coming to Santa Fe on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 12 noon, at the Capitol West Concourse, outside the Roundhouse.  Hopefully you’ll join us in prayer prior to this event and by attending, plus spreading The Word to ALL, because this is a national happening, The Gospel will be preached, so pray specifically for a true spiritual awakening and revival to sweep across our land.  I’m hoping to restart our monthly prayer call, so please let me know what day and time works best for you and if you or someone you know would like to hold an event in your area.  Be encouraged, cause much has been accomplished in 2015 and much has been learned.  My prayer is that you’ll experience the fullness of His Presence during this Christmas Season and catch His Vision for you, your gifts, talents, abilities and what He is calling you to do in 2016.  Remember always that God is faithful & Jesus never fails, so keep your eyes on Him, the author and finisher of our faith, be faithful, obedient and His will shall be done!
    Mark Tross
    Coordinator for NM Prayer Connect

    A Call to Unity, Revering Life through Prayer and Planning Together

    A Gathering of Pro-Life Leaders in New Mexico

    Leaders of the pro-life movement of New Mexico, you are warmly invited to share your hopes, dreams, and perspectives for the future of the pro-life movement in our state and to help coordinate our efforts.
    Wednesday, November 18, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
    Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
    Room 407, Adult Education Wing on South Side
    8600 Academy Rd. NE
    (Parking on south side)
    • Monsignor Bennett Voorhies, Pastor, Our Lady of the Annunciation Church and the Catholic Archdiocese of New Mexico
    • Dan and Laura Rosecrans, The HUB (His United Body) of New Mexico
    • John Robb- Chairman, International Prayer Council and International Facilitator of the World Prayer Assembly
    Questions, Comments, RSVP to Dan Rosecrans-
    By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.
    John 13:15

    Espanola Prayer Session, Saturday, October 24th



    Attention: Pastors and Church Leadership and Congregations,

    You  are  cordially  invited  to  a  prayer  session  on, Saturday,  October  24th,  2015  at the EVHS Water Tank hill.   Our goal is to gather Christian people from the local churches to pray for the Valley of Española and the surrounding Pueblos.  This will be our Annual Meeting, as we have met each season this year and we plan to continue to meet each season until the coming the Lord.

    We are asking the Lord for revival in our land and for God’s will be done in the hearts of the people in Northern New Mexico.

    Prayer topics:

    For Repentance and Forgiveness of past and present sins

    For the Leaders in Government and Educational systems, Businesses and Churches   For the breaking of strongholds the enemy has established

    (Addictions:  alcohol, drugs, sexual immorality)  

    For Family restoration and unity

    For Spiritual Blessings and Financial Prosperity.

    Individuals can bring up other prayer needs.

    We will meet at the EVHS Water Tank hill at 10: 00 a.m. bringing our Petitions to the Lord.

    We would appreciate it if you, as the Pastor of the Church, will extend this invitation to your

    Congregation from the pulpit and post the attached flyer on your church bulletin board.

    May God Bless You and Thank You for your willingness to assist us in this Prayer

    Session.  We hope to see you all there.



    Joe Gonzales 


                                             Saturday, August 22
                                             9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                                                  Albuquerque, NM
    The following is a message from Father Stephen Imbarrato regarding the National Protest again Planned Parenthood this Saturday, August 22, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
    in Albuquerque, NM.
    The protest is prompted by revelations by the Center for Medical Progress (  Please join in this important effort to defund Planned Parenthood and end the selling of fetal body parts.
           A Message from Father Imbarrato:
           My Friends,
    I am just sending out a reminder about this coming Saturday  August 22nd.
    We are hosting the Albuquerque location of the
                                           9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
    Planned Parenthood is located at 701 San Mateo NE. Please park on surrounding side streets and not in PP’s parking lot.
    This is, I hope, a very convenient time for everyone and I hope that everyone can come for all or part of the 2 hours.
    I would love to see a long stretch of San Mateo filled with people…families et al.
    THE ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL has already done two articles on this National Protest so we expect some media coverage. This
    NATIONAL PROTEST is taking place in almost every state in the country, approaching 300 cities. This may be the largest protest of its kind ever undertaken by the pro-life movement in this country.
    August 22nd also begins an octave of prayer and fast for the end of pre-born child killing and so we will be PROTESTING AND PRAYING! See link below.
                                  Fr  Stephen Imbarrato
                                  Pastoral Staff; Priests for Life
    They will insult you, they will persecute you,
    they will say every kind of false thing about you because of Me!
    Rejoice and be glad! Your reward will be great in heaven!
    Matt: 5: 11-12
       in Support of the

        Belen Nativity Scene
       Sunday, August 23
         Theresa Tabet Park
    The Freedom from Religion Foundation has called for the removal of Belen’s Nativity Scene.  Lawsuits have been threatened by this organization.  The Mayor of Belen, Jerah Cordova, is standing fast on the city’s history and is defending the monument.
    The New Mexico Center for Family Policy is sponsoring a rally in support of Belen’s Nativity scene and Belen’s Mayor Jerah Cordova.
    The rally is  this Sunday, August 23, at 1:15 p.m. at Theresa Tabet Park.
    The NM Center for Family Policy helps New Mexicans walk in God’s ways, in His truth, in all areas of life by effectively exercising their rights as citizens to build a New Mexico where God is honored, life is cherished, religious liberty flourishes, and families thrive. Learn more
    Nativity Scene
    Belen, NM