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New Mexico Prayer Map

Light House Map of New Mexico


To concentrate the efforts of NM Prayer Connect and to build a strong comprehensive prayer network that can reach the entire state with –“The Word for New Mexico from the Lord”.

To share that word with everyone we have contact with and offer the Lighthouse map as a way of linking the people of New Mexico together,

The map has come as a result of a prayer for a blueprint that could show us the way out of the three strongholds. This map we believe is the blueprint and we offer it here as public venue so a witness may be given to the great work The Father is about to do, to see The Holy Spirits hand in this and for the fruit of the effort to be recorded for all to see.

Please refer to the post on the Word for New Mexico from the Lord the prophetic word from Dr. Leslie Keegel entered below.

That letter tells us that the church will rise up in the power of the spirit and thru a process of intense spiritual warfare…which will be dependent on how consistent and intense the prayers are. This is a way to intensify and concentrate our prayer efforts.


How to Use:
                                            Four Things to Do

                        1) Covenant with the Lord to obey His word

                        Honor His presence

                        2) Repent from the shedding of ancient and present day blood of the innocent.

                        3) Throw down the altars of witchcraft

                        4) Stop worshipping the dead

                                   Prayer: Strongholds that will be broken

1)      Drug and other addiction controlled crime…evil principalities

2)      Atmosphere darkening witchcraft with higher order of power is strengthening in every institution

3)      Ancient and present day shedding of blood help usher in unchecked spirits of violence and restlessness.


            8 prayer districts

            Each district is a triangular plot radiating out from the center of the state

                        Each side creates a border that should have a prayer partner assigned to

                        Each triangle should have a cultural mix that is of the three social groups

            When you pray- pray for your district and for the Holy Spirit to reveal where the 3 strongholds exist in that district. Then write them down …repent for that act and move on

Be sure to do the first 2 things the Lord said to do.

The Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Be Blessed in your prayers