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    June 2018

    Ministry Blessings to ALL,

    We now enter the sixth month of 2018 and officially the First Day Of Summer (Aboriginal Day in Canada) on June 21st. God has ordained Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall (the First Day Of Autumn starts September 22), so let’s see what we have in store for us this month. Flag […]

    Blessings to ALL, National Day Of Prayer kicks off our month on Thursday, May 3, with Ascension Day on Thursday, May 10, Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13, Shavuot Begins At Sundown on Saturday, May 19, Pentecost on Sunday, May 20, Victoria Day (Canada) on Monday, May 21 & Memorial Day is Monday, May 28. […]

    He is Risen!

    I hope and pray you’ll be an April Fool for Christ 24/7, 365 & 1/4 Days a Year! PLEASE, continue reading and praying through The Word with us this April 2018: Psalms 38-55; Proverbs 8:12-11:1-23; Deuteronomy 21-34; Joshua 1-24; Luke 22-24; John 1-18 & Judges 1-19. Needless to say, but you know I’m going […]

    November 2017


    Shalom to ALL

    With All Saints Day and All Souls Day behind us and our clocks turned back, as Daylight Savings Ends, let us move forward into November, where we celebrate Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Native American Heritage Day. Pray a special blessing upon all our veterans, who served their country well and […]

    Blessings to ALL,

    October brings us into the last quarter of 2017, so get ready to turn your clocks back this month. It’s been a wonderful year of unity within the body of Christ, equipping the saints for service in the kingdom of God and fulfilling the great commission, to go into ALL the world […]

    Get Ready for THE FALL HARVESTĀ 

    MUCHO is happening throughout NM, nationally and internationally! ALL of Heaven REJOICES when just 1 sinner repents, so let’s be like Jesus, Seek & Save the lost! I had a WONDERFUL time with Pastor Jim Montoya & others @ the Cowboy (and girl) Camp Meeting, that took place north of Cuba, just outside of Regina, […]

    May 3, 2017 Blessings to ALL The Faithful in NM, After coming down off Mystery Mountain yesterday in Los Lunas, NM and seeing once again the 10 Commandments Rock + the star map (a partial eclipse stone dating back to 107 BC), it’s always a pleasure to gather together with friends and newly acquainted saints. […]

    Arise My Love, The Winter Is Gone!

    As we enter into this first full month of Spring 2017, may we all agree & pray, Spring up oh well, within my soul, Spring up oh well & make us whole! Unity always brings God’s richest blessings to His Bride, His Vineyard and heals The Land, so let us believe for God’s best, because […]

    Blessings to All The Saints of New Mexico,

    It was a blessing in January seeing people from our email list plus those on Facebook and other social media sites, who connected with us for the ‘An Appeal To Heaven Tour,’ with Rick Curry from Kentucky, who also spoke at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in […]

  New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay Take a look at the testimonies from just some different locations that were a part of the 2016 New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay We hope these stories inspire others …

  The Role of Christians in the Aftermath of Trump’s Election – […]