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January 2021

 A Blessed 2021 to ALL,
   What should the Body Of Christ be praying for in 2021? As always, we should be praying that His Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace & Joy In The Holy Ghost/Spirit Come & His Will/Word/Way be done on Earth, as It Is In Heaven/In The Heavenlies! So what’s the significance, the Biblical meaning of 2021 in the original Paleo Hebrew language? Can we rightfully divide The Word Of Truth and discern the times we are living in, to know and understand the gift and call on us, for such a time as this?
   The number 20 (2×10) is a concentrated meaning of ordinal perfection, expectancy, emphasizing Redemption and 21’s number value stands for the exceeding sinfulness of sin, three sevens, pointing towards Ultimate Spiritual Perfection! 2 stands for difference, good or evil, division, Living Word, second, to come alongside to help, to come alongside to hinder, second person of the Godhead, God The Son and 1 is Unity, sufficiency, the first, the beginning, indivisible, Diety. 2,000 (1,000×2) means (a double) Divine Completeness and Father’s Glory, so the total of 2021=5, meaning Unmerited Favor, God’s Goodness, Pentateuch (The 5 Books of Moses), Divine Strength, the fifth, what follows creation, Grace.
   The above paragraph is NOT about numerology, but about the richness of The Word Of God and the fullness of meaning found within the original languages God used to have It written in! No one, but God could have seen in 2019, what was coming upon the whole world in 2020, although He declares the end from the beginning. He is the Only Constant, The Rock upon Which we Must Stand, since we are All closer now, to His Second Coming, than when we first believed. No man knows the day or the hour of our Soon Coming King, but it is imminent, so we must pay very close attention, in this day and age, to hear His Voice and understand His Times & Seasons! As we enter into 2021, I leave you to ask yourself these 22 self-examination questions the members of the Holy Club asked themselves each day as part of their daily devotions (started in November 1729 when John Wesley and his three friends, spent three or four evenings together, every week, while living at the University of Oxford).
  1.  Am I consciously or unconsciously creating the impression that I am better than I really am?
  2.  Am I honest in all my acts and words?
  3.  Do I confidentially pass on to another what was told me in confidence?
  4.  Can I be trusted?
  5.  Am I a slave to dress, friends, work or habits?
  6.  Am I self-conscious, self-pitying, or self-justifying?
  7.  Did the Bible live in me today?
  8.  Do I give it time to speak to me every day?
  9.  Am I enjoying prayer?
  10.  When did I last speak to someone else about my faith?
  11.  Do I pray about the money I spend?
  12.  Do I get to bed on time and get up on time?
  13.  Do I disobey God in anything?
  14.  Do I insist about doing something about which my conscience is uneasy?
  15.  Am I defeated in any part of my life?
  16.  Am I jealous, impure, critical, irritable, toughy or distrustful?
  17.  How do I spend my spare time?
  18.  Am I proud?
  19.  Do I thank God that I am not as other people, especially as the Pharisee who dispised the publican?
  20.  Is there anyone whom I fear, dislike, disown, criticize, hold a resentment toward or disregard?
  21.  Do I grumble or complain constantly?
  22.  Is Christ real to me?
Friday, January 1 is New Year’s Day & Monday, January 18 is Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday (Observed).
If you or someone you know would like to hold an event in, around New Mexico or online, don’t hesitate to contact me.
May The Fullness Of His Riches Be Yours in 2021!
Mark Tross
Mark Tross
NM Prayer Connect Coordinator
JESUS Asked in Luke 18:8b, ” When the Son of Man comes, will He find ‘faith‘ on earth? ” What is the Hebrew Root meaning of Faith? It is the act whereby a person lays hold of God’s resources, becomes obedient to what He has prescribed and putting aside all self interest and self-reliance, ‘trusts’ Him completely.

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