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    Ministry Blessings to ALL,

    We now enter the sixth month of 2018 and officially the First Day Of Summer (Aboriginal Day in Canada) on June 21st.  God has ordained Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall (the First Day Of Autumn starts September 22), so let’s see what we have in store for us this month.  Flag Day is Thursday, June 14th, Father’s Day, Sunday the 17th and Saint Jean Baptiste Day (Canada), Sunday the 24th.  I hope you’ll all continuing to read and pray through the Scriptures with us from 1 Kings 3-2 Kings 25; Acts 21-28; Psalms 69-77; Proverbs 14:15-16:1-17; Romans 1-13 & 1 Chronicles 1-6.

    Have a safe and blessed Summer + keep us posted on any prayer events happening in your area of New Mexico.  Pastor Jim Montoya of Los Lunas and others in Valencia County continue to hold Fiesta De Amore/Festival Of Love Events and Pastor Caleb Cooper of Truth or Consequences continues to hold revival meetings (you can find them both on Facebook).  Encourage others throughout the state, across America and around the world to visit our website & pray over the four prayer points, regarding our prayer map.

    Thanks & Shalom,
    Mark Tross
    NM Prayer Connect Prayer Coordinator

    • Individual Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and our neighbor as ourselves Repent from dead works, self-righteousness, self-sufficiency, lack of love Present your bodies as a living sacrifice Die to Prayer- Seek, Ask and Knock.