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Re-ZOOM-ing Church?

WHEN You Gather…  For most around the world, we’re wondering what’s next? Many have chosen online venues to get The Gospel out and though some churches have opened to limited capacity, God is not limited in any way, for He’s The Same, Yesterday, Today & FOREVER! How then shall we live or how then shall we meet have been the questions asked, but it’s up to the individual Believer to figure out what works God has prepared for us to do in such a time as this.  In The Book Of Acts they met at The Temple, Synagogues, in the marketplace and ‘House To House,’ which I have always thought was The Way to go into ALL The World.  From the oldest to the youngest, God wishes that NONE would perish, but that ALL would Come To Repentance, so each of us must do our part in order for The Body to come together In The FULLNESS that Jesus Purchased ONCE FOR ALL!
Children In Prayer New Mexico is back, so we’re asking everyone to pray, just 1 minute a day for God to open doors, connect the generations and bring up ALL Children In The Way.  LISTEN & WATCH The 11th Hour with Dennis Prochnow – FRIDAYS 11am-12noon MDT On The ChristianBody.Net Internet Radio & Television Network @christianbody.net @YouTube @facebook @twitter @streamingchurch.tv @churchapp.live @zeno @roku @zoom + 24/7/365 On ALL Our Websites (OVER 100,000 People Click EVERY Month In 73 NATIONS).  Darkness can not overtake The Light, but we MUST Let Our Light Shine to dispel the darkness! Prayer Mapping our state is an ongoing process of revelation for everyone involved.  God is still working ALL things together for our good, so we must remain vigilant in prayer and faithful to The ONE, Who has called and gifted us to Unite, Inspire & Revive The Church + Seek & Save The Lost.  Jesus Is Coming Again SOON, we’re closer to The End NOW, than when we first believed and there’s no time to linger, but we have to move forward GOD’s Way! National Day Of Prayer is in 52 Days Of Prayer for America, since July 17 – Labor Day, September 7, when hopefully our schools will be opened, but I hope you’re already participating in this, because I Believe God is preparing us to get through this summer, breaking up the fallowed ground and looking toward HIS Biblical Feasts & High Holy Days of September.  Noontime in Santa Fe Plaza on September 12, there will be a time of prayer, worship, The Word and Christian Fellowship.

Jonathan Friz https://www.10days.net/ & Jonathan Cahn https://thereturn.org/ have come up with a plan that I’m hoping and praying ALL Followers Of Christ/Messiah/The Anointed ONE can come together in Unity, by The Holy Spirit, in New Mexico, Across America & Around The World! PLEASE, visit these websites and sign-up to participate + share this information with those you know and LOVE from ALL Nations, Peoples, Tribes & Tongues.  We are planning The Return Event @ Sandia Crest, September 26, the times have not yet been determined, but we will notify you in the September NM Prayer Connect Newsletter.  PRAYERFULLY Consider Joining us for the 10 Days of Prayer and Fasting from sundown, September 18-28 sundown and encourage others to do likewise.

READINGS for August:  Neh.  4-13; Ps.  90-104; Prov.  19:18-21:31; 2Cor.  5-13; Est.  1-10; Job 1-42; Gal. 1-5; Eph.  1-5; Eccl.  12 & Songs 1-8


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