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November 2019

          ALL World Religions PRAY, but Are WE Praying (Asking, Seeking & Knocking) for God’s (Revealed) Will to be Done On Earth (In These Earthen Vessels), as It Is In Heaven? Let us NOT be like The Pharisee, THANKFUL though he was, before GOD and himself, that we are not like the rest of humankind, but be humbled by The Grace Of GOD and HIS Mercies, which are New EVERY Morning, for sinner and saint alike! We cannot and must not put our trust in ourselves or be confident in our own right standing with GOD (Luke 18:9-14).
          ALL Of God’s Precious Promises Are YES & AMEN In Christ/Messiah/The Anointed ONE, so WE, The Prayer Warriors on Earth, should be Praying HIS Word, Will & Way, for New Mexico, These United States Of America and The World.  Encourage one another TODAY, Stir UP The Gift Of GOD Within YOU, for HE Is Faithful & Watches Over HIS Word To Perform It!
          ALL Saint’s Day is November 1st (THANKS to ALL Of You Saints who have been faithful throughout the years to NM Prayer Connect), Daylight Saving Time Ends on the 3rd, Election Day (USA) is the 5th, *JOIN us Saturday, November 9th, 8:30am (Meet @ The Gas Station Across The Street From Walmart) in Los Lunas, To SEE The 10 Commandments Rock & MORE on Mystery/Hidden Mountain (Worship, Communion, Bible Acting, Teaching, Prayer & Fellowship), Veteran’s Day (USA)/Remembrance Day (Canada) is the 11th, A Spiritual Warfare Conference, Releasing A Jehu Anointing To Take Down Jezebel (Without Spot Or Wrinkle Ministries International) will be on the 16th-17th, 10am-5pm @ Residence Inn 3300 Prospect Avenue NE, Albuquerque (Enlist @ 505-688-0811, Offering Will Be Received, Seating Is Limited, Workbook Donation: $10 – NO Child Care) and Thanksgiving Day (USA) is on Thursday, November 28th.
           Winter begins next month, December 21st, so stay warm at heart and if you or someone you know is interested in holding an event in your part of the state or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact me + be prayerful about what God wants done in 2020!
Mark Tross
NM Prayer Connect Coordinator

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