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    Prayer Warriors (2)


    To the “Prayer Warriors” of the Church of Español

         Thank You for participating in prayer with us throughout the year of 2015.   It was a year of

    victory in  the  spiritual  realm.  We have had some awesome prayer sessions.  God is bringing

    the Body of Christ,  His Bride, in unity within New Mexico to intercede for the state.  The last

    prayer session God brought people from Arizona,  Albuquerque and Santa Fe to help us pray for

    the valley and the surrounding Pueblos.


    I  have  been  studying  about  great  moves  of  God  and  revivals  in  general  around  the

    world  and  they  all  start  with  the  saints  gathering  in  prayer  and  the  pulling  down  of

    demonic strongholds.  Many of these strongholds have been established hundreds of years ago

    and some  more  recently.   If we continue in obedience to Chronicles 7:14, God will heal our

    land physically and spiritually.  I believe 2016 is going to be a year of change and the beginning

    of a great move of God but it is also going to be a year of great victorious spiritual battle.


    We  invite  you  to  another  prayer  session  on  Saturday,  February  13,  2016  at  10:00 

    a.m. at  EVHS  water  Tank  Hill.  Bring your weapons of spiritual warfare and let us seek

    God for change in our beautiful valley and state.  May God bless you richly.

    Your Brother in Christ,


    Joe  Gonzales


    II Chronicles  7:14    If  my  people  which  are  called  by  my  name,  shall  humble  themselves  and  pray,  seek  my  face  and  turn  from  their  wicked  ways.   Then  will  I  hear  from  Heaven  and  will  forgive  their  sins  and  will  heal  their  land.

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