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    June 2019

    Summertime Blessings To ALL,
                         THANKS to EVERYONE who attended our 10 Commandments Rock Event in Los Lunas (we’re planning another one in the fall)! For all who have not yet listened to The CBNet Internet RADIO Network /  https://www.christianbody.net is another way to connect – check out the Arrows Newsletter @ + Join us in Los Lunas for another Fiesta de Amor @ Daniel Fernandez Park, 10am-3pm, June 8 & July 6 (contact Pastor Jim Montoya @ 505-440-9770) & come to the Gathering of Wealth Contenders Conference, July 11-13, in the Phil L.  Thomas Performing Arts Center (west of Shiprock High School) @ W.  State Rd.  504, Shiprock, NM 87420 (Register on Facebook or call 505-415-3901).
                         Pentecost/Shavuot Sunday is Sunday, June 9, Flag Day is Friday the 14th, Father’s Day is Sunday the 16th, Summer Begins on Friday the 21st and St.  John the Baptist Day (Que.) is Monday the 24th.
                         June’s Scripture Readings:  1 Kgs.  3-2 Kgs.  25; Ps.  69-78; Prov.  14:15-16:18-33; Acts 21-28; Rom.  1-12 & 1 Chr.  3-4.
                         Canada Day is Monday, July 9 & Independence Day is Thursday the 4th.
                         July Scripture Readings:  1 Chr.  5-2 Chr.  36; Rom.  13-16; 1 Cor.  1-2 Cor.  3; Ps.  79-89; Prov.  17:1-19:1-17 & Ezra 1-10.
                         We are reaching over 15,000 people every month through our websites and have over 1,500 listeners in 71 nations worldwide (not counting all our other social media outlets), so God is expanding our boarders to reach more people with the love of God and the Good News of Jesus.  Keep praying! “Ask And You Shall Receive, Seek And You Shall Find, Knock And The Door Shall Be Opened Unto You.” – Jesus
    Have a Safe & Joyous Summer In Him,
    Mark Tross
    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator
    May 2019
    Shalom In Jesus,
                 Are you counting Up To Shavuot/Pentecost? Now that we celebrated the life, death and resurrection of Jesus (on The Feast Of Firstfruits), let us occupy/take ground in May! I visited Questa, NM in April for a Revival Meeting @ Pastor Gayle and Peter Martinez’s Church (uniting Southern CO and Northern NM Churches) and The Fiesta de Amor @ Ana Becker Park in Belen (Bethlehem), NM, where 4 people received Jesus, 5 were baptized and 2 are planning a wedding.  The fields are ripe for harvest, so let’s PRAY To The LORD and take The Gospel/The Good News out of the box, go into ALL The World to seek and save the lost, preach, teach, heal and set the captives FREE!
                What’s happening This Month? Thursday, May 2 is National Day Of Prayer, so find an event near you @ and attend + Pray Daily for Government, Media, Education, Church, Family, Military and the Economy.  Ramadan Begins on Sunday the fifth, where Muslims worldwide will be fasting and praying for thirty days, so certainly The Church Of God should be praying for those who sit in darkness to see His Marvelous Light!
                 JOIN us for The Fiesta de Amor/Festival Of Love at Daniel Fernandez Park in Los Lunas on Saturday, May 11 from 10am-3pm (contact Pastor Jim Montoya @ 505-440-9770 for more details).  Sunday the twelfth is Mother’s Day!
                 ATTEND The 10 Commandments Rock Event on Saturday, May 18 from 8am-5pm (Sign Up @ ‘Los Lunas Decalogue’ on Facebook).  The eighteenth is also Armed Forces Day, whichis celebrated in the United States as a day to appreciate all active duty service members, Victoria Day (Canada) is the twentieth, Memorial Day is the twenty-seventh and Ascension Day is the thirtieth (

    the fortieth day after Resurrection Sunday, on which Christ’s Ascension is celebrated in The Church – READ Acts 1 and do the math: 40 + 10 = 50).
                 Continue to Pray and Read THE WORD:  Judges 20-21; John 19-21; Ruth 1-4; 1 Samuel 1-29; Psalms 56-68; Proverbs 11:24-14:1-14; Acts 1-20; 2 Samuel 1-24 & 1 Kings 1-2.
    If you or someone you know would like to hold a prayer event anywhere in New Mexico or our surrounding area, do not hesitate to contact me!
    Mark Tross
    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator