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    Get Ready for THE FALL HARVEST 

    MUCHO is happening throughout NM, nationally and internationally! ALL of Heaven REJOICES when just 1 sinner repents, so let’s be like Jesus, Seek & Save the lost! I had a WONDERFUL time with Pastor Jim Montoya & others @ the Cowboy (and girl) Camp Meeting, that took place north of Cuba, just outside of Regina, NM last month.  ALL of the Four Corners area was represented and even people from NJ & NC attended.  We were blessed to connect once again with Grover, who heads up ‘Christian Body.Net’ (VISIT their website below), who we haven’t seen, since NM Prayer Connect coordinated a prayer event with them in Roswell, two years ago.

    We were all saddened by the shooting that took place in Clovis, but let us never forget that the enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy, so we must seek The Lord, while He may be found and shine our light throughout NM, so the darkness must flee! The Good News is that NM has been declared, ‘officially out of our drought’, so the spiritual reality of our prayers and actions are manifesting in our land.  Please, don’t forget to pray for our friends to the south, TX & LA, who were badly damaged by Harvey, plus the storm predicted to hit FL and other east coast states.  Remember, when the enemy comes in…  Like a Flood The Spirit Of The Lord Will Set Up His Standard, His Banner Over us, which Is LOVE!

    September is jam packed with events, starting on the second in T or C, open prayer calls, a NM Prays event in ABQ, Pastor Dewey Moede will be in Edgewood, Apostle Barbara Gould, Skatefest (both in Rio Rancho) & for ALL Students, Global Week of Prayer runs from Sept.  24-30, with See You @ The Pole happening on Wednesday the twenty-seventh, so visit all of the links below, cover these events in prayer & help spread The Word, so attendance will make a BIG impact on these communities throughout our state.  If you would like to hold a prayer event in your region, contact me.


    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator

    New Mexico Prayer Connect

    As the former NDP NM State Coordinator and present NM Prayer Connect Coordinator, I am encouraged by the natural and spiritual growth I’ve seen throughout the state.


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