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    May 3, 2017
    Blessings to ALL The Faithful in NM,
                      After coming down off Mystery Mountain yesterday in Los Lunas, NM and seeing once again the 10 Commandments Rock + the star map (a partial eclipse stone dating back to 107 BC), it’s always a pleasure to gather together with friends and newly acquainted saints.  April has once again proved to be a month of new beginnings and refreshed hope, which will not disappoint us, as we continue in daily prayer, individually, in groups of two or three and corporately, representing the body of Christ here in our state.   Pastor Richard Mansfield hosted a ministry leaders breakfast with state representatives and local leadership in attendance for prayer and a public display of solidarity, fighting for the rights of unborn children in NM.  Pastor Caleb Cooper has continued his 33 county meetings to bring about a true spiritual awakening and revival to NM & Pastor Brian Alarid will be hosting the National Day of Prayer event in Civic Plaza on Thursday, May 4, 12-1pm in Albuquerque.
                         As the former NDP NM State Coordinator and present NM Prayer Connect Coordinator, I am encouraged by the natural and spiritual growth I’ve seen throughout the state.  In my fourteen years of living in and serving throughout NM, I have never seen the Rio Grande looking so full, which is a sign of God’s living waters coming to our state through concerted efforts of prayer, from the grass roots level to the ministry leadership positions and God has been faithful in bringing powerful prophetic speakers into NM, so we must continue to move forward in obedience to His Word, in order to fulfill our destiny for America and to the uttermost parts of the world!
                       I love NM and don’t believe there’s anyplace better to live, if you want to be in the center of God’s precious promises to gather all that are scattered, among all nations, peoples, tribes & tongues and for Him to surely prove that where sin abounds, His Grace abounds! This May, let us blossom and bloom in the desert places, let your light so shine in the darkness, so that the essence of Christ is ever present wherever you go and whatever you do, do it, as unto the Lord!
                       Visit the National Day of Prayer website for events throughout our state and nation on the first Thursday of May and encourage everyone you know, everywhere to participate.  If you or someone you know would like to hold a prayer event in their area of New Mexico, feel free to contact me.  Covenant with the Lord & honor His Presence! Repent for the shedding of innocent blood, both past & present.  Tear down your altars of witchcraft (disobedience & drugs) + cease communicating with the dead.  May the Lord continue to lead and guide you in His Perfect & Acceptable Word, Will & Way!
    Mark Tross


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