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    Blessings to All The Saints of New Mexico,

    It was a blessing in January seeing people from our email list plus those on Facebook and other social media sites, who connected with us for the ‘An Appeal To Heaven Tour,’ with Rick Curry from Kentucky, who also spoke at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.  Pastor Caleb Cooper of Truth or Consequences’ New Hope Revival Church moved in obedience to initiate these meetings up the ‘Royal Road’ or the ‘Kings’ Highway,’ from Las Cruses to Radium Springs, T or C, Socorro, two churches in Albuquerque and onto Santa Fe (he’s hoping to get all 33 counties involved in prayer and action)! If you missed any of these events, Rick Curry, who served on the Sentinel Board, which produces the Transformation DVD series that documents revivals around the world and his church in KY was instrumental in the ‘Appalachian Dawn’ revival, which broke out in Manchester several years ago, so don’t miss when he returns to NM in March.

    Also in January, Pastors Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church and Brian Alarid of Passion Church (both in ABQ) launched New Mexico Prays, with 210 ministry leaders in attendance, which will cover our state in 24/7 prayer, so if you’re not already connected, visit follow them @twitter plus like & share their Facebook page today and tell everyone you know in New Mexico to get involved, so God can have His Way!

    February of course is the month of Love, with Ash Wednesday, when believers around the world begin to repent, fast and pray (for 40 days, leading up to Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday/Passover), Valentine’s Day (Google Saint Valentine and learn the founding principles of this special holiday) and Washington’s Birthday/President’s Day.  George Washington, as our first President, issued our very first National Day Of Prayer here in America (I hope you’re all getting ready for NDP on the first Thursday of May).

    Needless to say, God is doing great and mighty things in our midst, so don’t stop praying, but make an added effort to flesh out your prayers.  We’re breaking up the fallowed ground and planting good seed, so as God continues to heal our land, expect a great harvest of souls, which will make all of heaven rejoice! As we head toward Spring, let’s set our eyes upon Jesus, The Author & Finisher Of Our Faith, because we hit the ground running in 2017, so let’s plan events throughout our state, north, east, south, west, in the high places and the low, along the highways and byways, in small communities and large cities, because God’s on the move and we want to be obedient to the gift and call He has placed in each one of us.  Contact me if you would like to do an event in your area and tell everyone you know about New Mexico Prayer Connect!


    Mark Tross

    NM Prayer Connect Coordinator
    Take a look at the testimonies from just some different locations that were a part of the 2016 New Years Day Sunrise Prayer Relay We hope these stories inspire others …

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