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    New Mexico Prayer Connect: November 2016 – Mark Tross



                                                                                                       October 31, 2016

       Hoping all is well with your soul!
       Daylight Saving Ends, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day & Advent Begins in November.
       It’s time for The Church to fall back (on their knees) and regroup (in Prayer and Biblical Agreement for God’s Kingdom [His Righteousness, Peace & Joy In The Holy Ghost/Spirit] to Come & His Will To Be Done On Earth, as It Is In Heaven)! Faith without works is dead and without Faith, it is Impossible to Please GOD.
       PRAY before you VOTE! Are you going to make the right decisions (before God & man) and take a stand for LIFE in NM & throughout the land? The Supreme Court is up for grabs, so we need to petition Heaven and elect all (up and down the ballot) who will swear to not only uphold the Constitution of The United States of America, but also the Constitution of The State of New Mexico! If the people you’re considering voting for have not upheld the laws of our land, don’t vote for them.  Whatever the results of November 8, we are ALL called to pray for those in authority and be obedient to Him Who Sits On The Throne Of Heaven!
                                                        Remember the 7 points of prayer:
                   Government, Media, Education, Church, Family, Military & Economy.
               THANKS to ALL of our Veterans, who served God and country faithfully!
       May The Spirit Of Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship rise up and may our enemies be scattered, as we move into the latter part of 2016.  As we gather together with family and friends at home or abroad, prepare your heart, mind and soul for the coming celebration of the birth of Christ, Messiah, The Anointed ONE, for as sure as He Came, HE Is Coming Again SOON!
    Mark Tross
    Coordinator for New Mexico Prayer Connect

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