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  • Is there a group praying for rain for New Mexico? I noticed that Saturday’s Albuq Journal (May 4, front page, “Praying for Rain”) mentions that there are other prayer groups praying a simple prayer, “Look to our dry fields and hills, dear God, and bless them with the lifing blessing of soft rain. Then the land will rejoice and rivers will sing your praises, and the hearts of all will be made glad.”
    Seems a good idea.
    Thank you. C S Hammett

    • Jose Vasquez

      Thank you for your comment. There are three prominent prayers that we should be aware of, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, praying for rain in New Mexico and the Southwest and praying His reign. God bless you.

  • Gwen Ferguson

    Greetings and Blessings!!!

    Do you have any regular emails that you send out or is there a subscription for prayer updates? I am very much led to pray for New Mexico, specifically Santa Fe.

    • admin

      Hi Gwen,
      Thanks for your comment and for praying for NM! Please click on the “By Email” link in the top right corner of the site to subscribe to receive an email anytime an entry is posted on this web site. We will also add your email to another distribution list we maintain. Thanks :)
      J. Woods

  • Joe Gonzales

    Hi Gwen
    I am Joe Gonzales from Espanola. My girlfriend Martha Fernandez and I hiked up to the base of wheeler peak (Williams lake) last Saturday with all forty plus brothers & sisters to pray and GOD SHOWED UP! Legions of angels were called to task for revival in New Mexico. I thank God He has brought me in connection with like minded / hearted people.
    We are wanting to have another prayer session about the last Saturday of September. We are praying and checking into 3 prayer points. 1) Jemez Mtns overlook point. 2) Sangre de Cristo mtns. overlook point and the 3) Espanola plaza. We would like for all 3 groups to pray at the same time. GOD is going to break walls and pull down evil strongholds and pour out a blessing. I have been in contact with Dennis Prochnow. We intend to make a flyer and make contact with many local churches & pastors and get as many people from the body as God brings to PRAY. I will get back to you with the details. We titled the flyer “Prayer Warriors for the Heart of New Mexico” I guess because Espanola is often called the heart of New Mexico.
    I also have a heart for the Indian Pueblos of Northern New Mexico and believe God wants to bring revival to them.
    To GOG be the GLORY.
    Love Joe

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