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    January 2013 Prayer Guide

    The following are current prayer concerns for New Mexico’s Christian community in January 2013.  Please join us in united, faith-filled prayer for God’s transformation of New Mexico, and share these concerns with praying people across the state.

    Arts and Entertainment:

    With New Mexico striving to become an arts and entertainment industry center, pray that what these industries produce will reflect Christian values and principles.

    Les Miserables is a story of redemption and Christian values. The current movie version has received critical acclaim with the exception of the Santa Fe New Mexican. Our nation desperately needs stories reflecting Christian values. Praise God for this one! See the Christian Post and Plugged In movie reviews for more info.


    Pray that ungodly government mandates will be lifted and that freedom of religion and conscience will prevail.

    Hobby Lobby is a wonderful Christian company. Yearly, they place full page Christmas and Easter ads in newspapers across the country. With January’s implementation of Obamacare, Hobby Lobby could face a fine of $1.3 million a day since they are not willing to provide or pay for two specific abortion-inducing drugs. Read more on the Becket Fund site.


    Pray for an expansion of Bible Clubs in our public schools.

    New Mexico is blessed with an organization that’s bringing the Gospel message into our public schools through after-school Bible clubs. Follow the Son Bible Clubs are already operating in over 16 grade schools in the East Mountains, Springer, Pecos, Moriarty, Estancia, Corona, Mountainair, and Albuquerque – combating the fallacy that Jesus must be excluded from public education. Their “desire is that every student in our public schools would have an opportunity to hear about our Savior and Forever Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ.”


    Pray for the success of life-affirming community activities.

    The 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade will be January 22. A pro-life rally, the 6th Annual Sanctity of Life Awareness and Unity Day (SOLAUD), will take place Tuesday, January 16, in Santa Fe. The rally has drawn well over a thousand people each year and is expected to continue to grow. For more details, see the Project Defending Life and TVACNM sites.


    Pray that social issues will be effectively addressed in the 2013 Legislature.

    The New Mexico State Legislature convenes for a 60 Day session on Tuesday, January 15.  Albuquerque is sending a homosexual activist, Jacob Candelaria, to the Senate. Mr. Candelaria, President of Equality New Mexico, has announced that he will seek to change New Mexico’s constitution.


    Pray for media based on Christian values.  Our relatively free media can be used for good or evil: to spread the Gospel or to spread anti-Christian propaganda.  In New Mexico Voices for Family Values and Traditional Values Advocacy Committee continue to provide information on our current political situation promoting a Biblical worldview.


    Pray for the multiple campus ministries that are active on colleges in New Mexico.

    God is at work in the younger generations in our state in powerful ways! The New Mexico Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) ministry at UNM is just one of those. The director there shared the following request:

     “We are headed back to class next week. Pray that we are effective in meeting as many students as possible in the first few weeks of class. Pray for our 14 students that attended Denver Christmas Conference that God would continue to move in their hearts throughout this semester. Last I’d love for you guys to pray that God would use our staff and students to reach lost students this semester. Thanks so much!”

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