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    December 2012 Prayer Guide

    Issues and Prayer Needs

     The following are current prayer concerns for New Mexico’s Christian community to be shared with praying people across our state. Please join us in united, faith-filled prayer for God’s transformation of New Mexico.

     Arts and Entertainment:

    The 2012 Soul Train Music Awards aired Sunday, November 25.  During the broadcast, entertainerJamie Foxx thanked “Our lord and savior, Barack Obama.”  In antithetical response, a brave 19 year old actor named Angus T. Jones from the comedy show Two and Half Men, declared his show, which is filled with sexual content, to be “filth” and urged everyone not to watch it.  Pray for a cleansing of our media and an end to blasphemy.


    This country has always been the country for economic opportunity.  In a recent study, New Mexico has been found to be the least economically free state in the United States and second only to Prince Edward Island in Canada according to the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom of North America 2012 report.  The Institute assessed the size of government, taxation and the labor market.Pray for a free and prosperous New Mexico.


    New Mexico’s fourth graders scored at the bottom in all 50 states in vocabulary.  According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, our students fail in understanding the meaning of English words.  Our eighth graders fared a little better but only ahead of four other states and the District of Columbia.  Let’s also thank God for the committed teachers and school administrators who faithfully serve our youth.  Pray for an improved New Mexico educational system.


    A godly society is a sober society.  Recreational marijuana use by adults in private residences has been legalized by our northern neighbor, Colorado.  As an intoxicant legally enters the public domain we will see the continued devastating effects on families.  Marijuana could become another societal divide as people have easier legal access to it but are told it’s morally wrong by the church. Praise God it is still illegal in New Mexico and at the federal level.  Let’s pray for Colorado and that this ungodly policy not find any entrance into our state.  Pray for cohesive, sober families in New Mexico and for God’s will to be done in Colorado.


    Worldview matters in leadership.  A Nevada county has elected a brothel owner, Mr. Lance Gilman, as county commissioner.  In New Mexico, the Democrat Party has nominated Senator Pete Campos from Las Vegas, NM to be Senate Pro Tem.  Senator Campos initially supported domestic partnerships (gay marriage) but changed his mind when he found his constituency in opposition.  Senator Campos is a deacon in the Catholic Church.  Pray for a Christian worldview in our state as leadership and committee memberships are put in place during this post election season.


    Pastor Dewey Moede, formerly with KKIM, created an fm component that allowed Christian broadcasting across northern New Mexico.  The fm station’s format was changed to a Spanish music station and Mr. Moede is no longer with the station.  The result is that Christian programming is no longer heard outside of the Albuquerque and Santa Fe (KKIM 1000 a.m.)  Pray for our remaining Christian TV and radio stations and pray for the return of godly programming all across the state.


    Christian religious expression is being eliminated from America’s market place.  A federal judge in North Carolina, a Bible belt state, has permanently blocked the issuing of the “Choose Life” license plate.  The judge’s rationale was that an opposing position license plate was not available.  Apparently a “Choose Death” license place has not been produced.  Let’s thank God for organizations like Care Net and the Right To Life Committee of NM that are promoting life and supporting women and families in a Biblical way.  Pray that Jesus’ birth and Lordship will be proclaimed across the land during this Christmas season.

     Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, Holy Spirit-filled New Year!

    New Mexico Prayer Connect is a monthly email prayer guide produced through the collaboration of several Christian organizations and ministries in this state. For more information, write to Kitty Neal of Son Broadcasting at

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